Tired of Waiting to Be Wanted

This was a fun and interesting original idea I put to film
with a little experimentation in stop motion photography.
I look forward to building on this experience.

I owe a debt of gratitude to the following friends of
digital arts:

Driver…….Bob Young

Spare……..Derrick Bienz
Jack………Steve Allen
Tire 1…….Tony Krieger
Tire 2…….Kyle Burr
Tire 3…….Andy Yeager
Tire 4…….James Wood
and special thanks to Mike Zielinski,
General Manager at Plymouth Motor Speedway

Music by Kevin MacLeod
Music and SFX used by permission from freefx.co.uk
(copyright 2012 James Wood)

Music Video-Cameraman

I teamed up with Dan Wolters, Jake Bloss, and Mike Moreno for our last
assignment where I was responsible for camera work. I used the class
Canon EOS Rebel T2i that was generously made available to students
who wanted to shoot still photography or video in HD. This video
reflects that quality; the nature of this project made it necessary
to do all of the focusing in manual setting, so the zooming or pan-
ning would be right. Employing a Ravelli AVT professional tripod
really helped in this production, where the fluid motion was cap-
tured the way Jake wanted it.

Two other helpful techniques included actually playing the music
and moving a Promaster LED120Plus or a standard tungsten hanging
work light around to create movement of the shadows/shapes. The
beat of the music gave us a sense of how to move them and the
camera. This likely helped in post-production in synchronizing
everything. Mike did a great job editing, and Dan helped with the
technical aspects of the video within the video on the large actual
screen in the room where we took the footage.

“Sick Day”-Editor

Sick Day from Jake Bloss on Vimeo.

A man is walking home from the bar one evening after a football game, when suddenly he is attacked. The next morning he is not feeling himself….

This past fall included my participation on this group project we titled
“Sick Day.” Although I’ve never followed the “zombie” craze, this was a
great, worthwhile student project. My role included getting remote
sound as well as the editor. With Mike Moreno and Jake Bloss taking on
acting roles within the project, Dan Wolters and I were on site,
completing the team effort. Dan Wolters exhibited his expertise in
special effects in the end shot of Mike’s eyes as well as original
music he produced.

It was sort of creepy how while were shooting the night scene in the
park at the old Uniroyal complex, several emergency vehicles were dis-
patched to unknown parts of the city, so I captured the audio to inject
it into the scene when Mike leaves the bar. It was intended to support
the audio clip of his wife talking about the train crash in town while
they’re on cell phones.

“Glossed and Tossed” Needs Tossed

Glossed and Tossed from Eye4Lite on Vimeo.

Wow! Rushing an edit job can have horrible consequences. What I had
believed to be an interesting subject matter–a visual compilation
depicting Western Culture’s over-zealous interest in having new things,
and how eventually material goods end up deterioriating beyond use–
turned out to be largely a confusing mess of images. This one needs
to be tossed and redone.

I had in mind to introduce statistical facts and quotes layered over
various images to help the audience evaluate where they place their
hard spend energies in life. If things aren’t paid for and debt is a
source of stress, find a way to balance it out, because ultimately the
shiney new wears off and becomes worthless. I will re-edit this one
because I believe in the message.

Director’s Cut Commentary

The Versatile Rick Nelson from Eye4Lite on Vimeo.

This interview with Indiana Veterinarian Rick Nelson, shares insight about leadership and passion that can help a career path. Man's best friend makes several guest appearances as well!

Audience consideration goes a long way in helping a director determine
certain motivations regarding video content. In my personally edited
version of The Versatile Rick Nelson, I included extensive responses
to questions that interested me at the expense of audience attention.
After having the newly edited version viewed an IUSB screening, I
trimmed a some additional footage, keeping the audience attention
span in mind. I observed how viewers reacted during the screening
and could see how the imbalance induced fidgeting.

Addtional edits in this version included more use of b-roll footage,
where an earlier class project waned in use of clips of animals and
the events at the dog park and clinic.